Ocean Forwarding (lowest forwarding costs for large cargo)

Pick up, forwarding, customs & delivery with one direct service

Service from the west coast to port in Japan including customs clearance service

Forwarding Service

  1. Calbridge Trading offers delivery to designated destination including customs clearance
  2. Our consolidation service allows customers to save big!
  3. Ocean services are made monthly
  4. Handling, customs, and import/export documents will be completed
  5. Cargo may be picked up from anywhere in northern United States
  6. Cargo is consolidated in a warehouse located in San Francisco even with different suppliers and/or vendors
  7. All sizes are accepted
  8. Freight starting from $45. Rate is $1.80/kg if volume is under 1M3.

*Freight calculation is 166kg= 1M.3. Freight applied is the greater of actual weight or volume.
*Additional charges may apply for moving unaccompanied baggage


Consolidated cargo pricing for ocean services from Oakland to Tokyo port.

Ocean freight = (freight) + (Banker’s Adjustment Factor Surcharge)
Current BAF is $20/M3

  MIN Volume under 1M3 Volume over 1M3
Freight Rate $45.00 $1.80/KG $148.00~$299.00
(Banker's Adjustment Factor)
Including Fluctuated Rate
*Above rates include customs clearance fee in Japan but does not include duty and tax
*BAF rate is fluctuated by market price
*Freight calculation is 166kg= 1M3. Freight applied is the greater of actual weight or volume.
M3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
RATE $299.00 $290.00 $281.00 $272.00 $263.00 $254.00 $245.00
M3 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
RATE $236.00 $227.00 $218.00 $211.00 $204.00 $197.00 $190.00
M3 15 16 17 18 19 20  
RATE $183.00 $176.00 $169.00 $162.00 $155.00 $148.00  

Ocean Freight Schedule

Ocean Freight Service is made by-monthly

Ocean Cargo Schedule April 2021 (Oakland Port to Tokyo Port)
Previous month status March cut-vessel cargo will be arrived at Yokohama port on May 03.
Cargo cut-off date End of May.
Departure schedule Mid June.
Arrival schedule Around mid July.
Estimated delivery date Around end of July.

Trading Service (priority service plan)

Calbridge Trading purchases products on behalf of our customers in Japan.
Services are offered in both Japanese and English.

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Re-forwarding Service

Forward customer purchased products
Free handling charge
Consolidate from different suppliers
Save in freight charges

Handling charge Free

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